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What is judo?

Judo is a unique system of unarmed combat and close quarter self-defence using proven fighting techniques. The principle of all judo practice is to take an attackers movement, mass and strength, and turn it against the assailant, thereby defeating him in an efficient manner. All the techniques of judo are taken from other martial arts, mostly from some of the more famous jujutsu schools and their masters who flourished in the eighteenth to mid nineteenth century Japan.

These tried and tested techniques were modified and adapted by firstly, removing all the harmful elements designed to stun, incapacitate and sometimes to kill an opponent, and secondly, to improve ones physical fitness, mental alertness and dexterity. This development allowed the practitioner of this evolved system to use full contact to fully execute a technique on their opponent from start to finish, with both intent and commitment, without fear of causing or receiving injury, something that cannot be done with most other martial arts.

Competitive fair play and moral development through the use of close physical contact and strict rules of etiquette go hand in hand with the competitive and natural human instinct to out-think and out manoeuvre ones opponent. Unlike most other martial arts, and indeed some sports, the use of a partner is essential to judo training with the emphasis on two basic maxims – maximum efficiency with minimum effort and, mutual welfare and benefit.


       Judo is

                 A fun way to improve fitness and flexibility.

                 Ageless- from 7 to 70, millions of people the

                 world over have benefited from judo.

                 A great way to train for fun or contest, there’s

                 something for everyone.

                 A capable form of self defence.

For More information please see the document below written by our Chief instructor Chris Hobbs 5th Dan and contributed by Steve Sweatlove 6th Dan.