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All life forms since the beginning of time, from the single cell to the most complex animal, have shared the need for self preservation. In ancient and feudal times, self preservation was often a matter of life and death.

It is a sad fact, and a reflection on society today, that many people need self defence now, almost as much as they would have all those thousands of years ago. In fact, it is safe to say that women and children where often safer then than in today’s society.

From the ancient battlefields of Europe, Japan, China, Central Asia and more recently, the conflicts within Europe and of the Middle East, with the involvement of modern weapons and tactics, self defence has proved vital to survival.

The self defence techniques taught at this club come from various martial arts. Among those used are, judo, goshin jutsu, wing chun, boxing etc, to name but a few. It is important to realise that the techniques used in various martial arts have stood the test if time; someone, somewhere, has used them in conflict and survived to pass on their knowledge to others.

Self defence can mean many things, from a six year old child knowing their post code and phone number to an eight year old being able to cross the road safely or, a junior member of the club having a repertoire of simple but effective techniques and then a senior member performing and demonstrating advanced techniques against assailants with weapons.

These days it pays to be increasingly aware of ones surroundings and knowledgeable of the immediate vicinity one finds themselves in. Applying care and commonsense when walking out night or day, driving and parking the car, enjoying an evening with friends in the local or, just sitting in the comfort of the cinema. Using these two simple principles; that of awareness and commonsense, can mean a potential mugger looking for an easier target and ultimately you, not being the victim.