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Chris Hobbs 5th Dan

I started judo by enrolling for a ten week course at the local Poly’ after receiving a ‘bang on the head’. That was back in 1970. Soon got the taste for close quarter sparing and wrestling with everything judo had to offer and I have never looked back. Met and made some fantastic friends over the years from all parts of the world and from all kinds of martial arts. Now I get great pleasure in being able to pass my knowledge and experience on to others.

In my fighting days my favourite techniques were harai goshi combinations usually with de ashi haria or ashi garuma followed by chokes and strangles.

Age:                                          18 + a little bit more

Favourite food:                            Plain choci’ digestives

Favourite film:                             Kill Bill, Django Unchained

Favourite music:                          Blues and rock, classic guitar

Hobbies                                     Guitar, blues and rock, and I do have a martial art                                                     problem.

Richard Hobbs 5th Dan

My dad was teaching Judo and when I was 6, got dragged along kicking and screaming.  I've been doing it ever since.  I now teach myself and enjoy seeing what the kids get out of it.

I still compete, try to do the masters now more than anything else although I still do the odd ranking events to show the young ones how to do it.  My favourite technique is Uchi Mata and have thrown lots of people with it.  I don't really enjoy groundwork and if I'm fighting Steve or Carl usually run a mile when I get to the ground :)

Age:                                           Not young enough

Favourite food:                            A good steak or Curry

Favourite film:                             Most Quentin Tarantino films

Carl Hunt 3rd Dan

My Mum put me into Judo aged 4 as I was a hyperactive, non stop, full of mischievousness little ****'.

Judo taught me discipline, gave me confidence, made me fit (the teenage version of me was very fit) and also gave me a circle of friends for life.

I still compete on the Masters circuit and I am currently in the British Masters squad.

My favourite throw is Sode Tsurikomi Goshi. I will get you with it.

Age:                      Younger than Chris

Music:                    Drum and Bass

Food:                     Bassett liquorice Allsorts and lamb